Nearly 100 years ago on July 8, 1917, Canadian landscape painter Tom Thomson drowned
in Algonquin Park's Canoe Lake. His body was not found until July 16, 1917. In 2006, from
July 8 to July 16, I wrote a series of eight short essays about Tom Thomson's painting in
Algonquin; his first girlfriend, Alice Elinor Lambert; his older brother, George Thomson; his
last girlfriend, Winnifred Trainor and much more, drawing from my book,
Algonquin Elegy:
Tom Thomson's Last Spring
. I have since added many more. Click on the links below to read
them. (Copyright 2006-201
7 -- All Rights Reserved)
Mystery went out on the evening train
Dr. Edwin C. Guillet's Study of the Evidence
Alice Elinor Lambert's Romance with Tom Thomson
Tom Thomson's Owen Sound Times Obituary
A Few More Little Falsehoods
George Thomson -- Distinguished Witness
Tom Thomson, Detroit and The Tragically Hip
Martin H. Blecher, Jr. -- German Spy?
Booze and Tom Thomson
That Fine Madness & Tom Thomson
Tom Thomson's Missing Sketch Box
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JULY 8, 1917
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Mrs. Crombie & The Missing Letter
A Footnote Missing in Canadian Art History
Big Fraud, Little Fraud
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