My 2006 summer book tour took me to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in beautiful
Kleinburg, Ontario, the Leith United Church in Owen Sound, Ontario, the Algonquin Park
Northern Edge and The Blue Canoe shop in South River, Ontario, and the Algonquin Park
Visitor Centre.

The joint Tom Thomson Day presentation by Phil Chadwick, artist and weather forecaster
for Environment Canada on August 6 at the McMichael was sold-out. Mr. Chadwick talked
about Tom Thomson artwork and  what they tell about the weather when he was painting.
It was a fascinating talk. I spoke about Tom Thomson's last spring.

At the August 7 presentation at the Leith United Church in Owen Sound I performed a
one-man re-enactment of the inquest conducted by Dr. Arthur Ranney, M.D., into the cause
of Tom Thomson's drowning.  The crowd of about 40 people, including some relatives of
Tom Thomson, was very receptive.

The nine people participating in the Northern Edge's annual Tom Thomson Retreat, in
which they venture forth onto Round Lake and paddle the Amable du Fond River over a
long weekend to paint, also enjoyed a more polished 45-minute version of my inquest
Summer Clouds by Tom Thomson
(McMichael Canadian Art Collection,
Kleinburg, Ontario)
2006 Summer Book Tour
Photos: McMichael