Mowat Cemetery
The little Mowat Cemetery at which Tom Thomson was originally buried on July 17, 1917. The gravestone of
Alexander Hayhurst is barely visible just above the center of the larger stone marking the grave of James

Photo by Steven Ehrlick (Copyright 2006).
Following forensic testing, the skeleton exhumed by Judge William T. Little in 1956 was re-buried and
marked with a cross. It may have been stolen. MacGregor believes this small cross was erected for a
documentary film in 1969. This cross is twenty feet north of the cemetery fence. Roy MacGregor says the
exact location of the reburied remains is somewhere else "in the tangle of raspberry canes, dead spruce,
rotting leaves and pine needles, somewhere beneath the saplings fighting for light and the lovely yellow
wildflowers that grow all along the trail up to his grave. . . ."

Photo by Steven Ehrlick (Copyright 2006).